Thanks all for the votes!! We got 1000+ comments on which GIF’s deserved to win the free JEMMA/JOLIE—and while tallying them up wasn’t the most fun we’ve ever have—we’re happy to announce the top 3 faves according to you!

Each winner will recieve their choice of a Dolce Vita exclusive JEMMA or JOLIE. Reader’s choices below!

And just ’cause it’s our contest and we get to make the rules, we decided to GIF-T one bonus pair to our personal fave! Because we too, love layers/patterns/colors/shoes.

As always, THANKS TO ALL FOR PLAYING. We’ll be coming up with a new giveaway soon… and if you made one of the GIFs above, expect to hear from us real soon!

  • Ash

    Happy to see the one I was rooting for get the bonus win!