Girl Crush- Felix

Felix 7

If you’re like me, then you may already know this babe from a little site called ASOS; she’s a regular on my go-to spot for basics + more. Over time, I started to notice that I clicked more on the products she was modeling and was more likely to buy them, cause she looked so damn good. Then, one day, I spotted her on Lydia Garnett’s tumblr and fell deeply in love.

This is how obsession starts, and now thank you to the modern age, we have Google. So, I googled, and realized that not only is she one hell of a model, but she’s also super fucking rad. I mean.. her name is Felix.. how much cooler can you get?

Felix 15

Felix 2

Felix 6

Felix 1

A girl who lives in muscle tees and has Black Sabbath as her Twitter background is a girl after my own heart.

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Felix 16

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Felix 3


Felix 13

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Yeah, this is definitely a girl we’d love to hang with. Check her out on Tumblr / Twitter / FM London

(Images via Lydia Garnett, Neil Bennett, FM London, Tumblr, Google)