We’re lucky enough to be the ONLY US retailer of the majorly coveted collaboration between blogging babe duo, How Two Live, and Aussie based retailer, Windsor Smith’s exclusive shoe collection! You’ve been calling, begging, and pleading (even a few attempted bribes!) for the collection to finally go live on Solestruck- well, ladies, that day has arrived! In celebration of the shoes finally being up for sale, we wanted to give you a little glimpse behind the collab with a special Q&A sesh from Jess and Stef themselves:


How did you get involved with Windsor Smith to produce such an awesome collab?
They’re one of the only shoe brands in Australia that feeds our excessive platform addiction, so when they approached us to do a collab we had serious heart palpitations for days.

What was your inspiration behind the designs?
We wanted to create a line of shoes that were as sparkly and bright as our imaginations, but that were still wearable and had serious street-appeal.

HTL Windsor Smith 5

Do you have a favorite from the collection?
No way, that’s like choosing a favourite child! Luckily we change outfits so often that there’s usually enough room in a weekend for all five.

Are there plans for any more shoes in the future? Or other projects you’re currently working on?
Shoes are our weakness so we have no doubt there’ll be more of this in the future. We’re currently working on a big overhaul of the blog, so you guys will be the first to hear when we release more details.

HTL Windsor Smith 1

What inspires your personal style?
Cupcake toppings, nail art, Harajuku style, Anna Dello Russo, and anything shiny really.

Do you have a mental process you go through before buying something or are you more impulse driven?
This is one of the things we differ on. Jess is all about the mental process, and Stef is all buy buy buy – ‘N Sync style.


If you were forced to shop exclusively in malls for the rest of your life- what store would be your go-to?
One of those stores where you can match your outfits with your doll’s outfits…they should totally make those for adults.

What was the best memory of your recent trip to NYFW?
Getting a hotdog next to Rihanna at the Opening Ceremony after-party that you guys sent us to!


If we were to move from Portland to Australia for one year where would you suggest we move to?
Melbourne of course! Coz then we could hang all the time. Plus we have the best shopping and food here.

Is Kylie Monogue really the Madonna of Australia, and if so, why is she aging so much more gracefully than the US queen of pop?
Uhhhh we hate to disappoint you but we’re not really Kylie fans…Madonna all the way!



Why do you think Solestruck resonates so well with Australian shoppers?
The style here is pretty offbeat and unique, which makes Solestruck’s insane shoe selection an Australian’s dream.

HTL Windsor Smith 1

Are you as obsessed as we are? Check out their blog here: and shop their How Two Live x Windsor Smith collection here: SHOP IT!