SPRING 2012 is already looking realllllllly cute.

Stay tuned for new lines, new looks, and cute shit.

  • Nicole O.

    Gold midsoles? CRAYCRAY! <3

  • royal

    i think i might like them

  • Sarah

    I just saw the STine Goya runway pics and loved the shoes, was wondering where I was going to be able to get them. Of course Solestruck has my back. Can’t wait!

  • Magnet

    HA! very short post, but the way it was written was kind of hilarious. Yes, I look forward to seeing more cute shit :P

  •!/ June

    Such unbelievable perfections that seem to be design for every special girl!The gentle golden color around the shoes are brave!

  • Mel

    I love the whole metal trend on everythign :D

  • MC

    where where are these from????

  • Parthenia Iles

    I’m a real fashion fan in Austria I am currently studying design. I hope I can someday make an exchange semester in Las Vegas. I am very interested in the American mode world.