Finally, the first FEW styles of our SPRING order of SENSO are on their way to us. We are going to launch and unveil the first pieces of the collection on pre-sale next week. I have a feeling it is about to get crazy in here! Shown below is the SENSO RUZZY in grey, also available in black. We will have the rest of our SPRING styles in by March. I am going to go ahead and tell you, this includes several limited edition styles, exclusive colors and outrageous wedges. SENSO is Bananas and we love it.

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Now get to steppin’

  • Natalie

    Makes me super proud to be an Australian with some of the designs Senso has come out with! Soooo good!

    • ty

      Natalie! WE LOVE AUSTRALIANS! We have so many clients and brands now too! Always on the lookout for hot Australian brands. Let me know if we are missing anything major!

  • saucy.

    Swoooooooon! This pair is bananas!

    xo Nicole

  • http://Website Monica

    Beatin’ down your door for some Sensos!!!! Can’t wait!