Going beyond the basic hues

Neutral shoes are essential in a woman’s wardrobe. Basics like black, chocolate, navy and beige are undeniably the most versatile choices to mix and match around the office. The latest trend, though, challenges your practical side with shoes that are as brightly colored as Sunday’s plastic eggs and plush bunnies.

Sam Edelman CarmenTake the Sam Edelman Carmen, for example. Although it’s also offered in a sleek black-and-white silk or a sophisticated black-on-nude pebble, what really catches our eyes is the orange metallic (right). We also love the blue or pink psychedelic styles. Why settle for a standard shade when you can choose a bold, brilliant print?

Being women, however, we find it hard to ignore our practical sides (yes, even when it comes to shoes). Here are a few items to consider when you’re debating between a pump that’s classic if a bit boring, and one that’s totally on trend even if just for this season.

Oh Deer! PralineIf you said yes to most or all of these questions, then get shopping, girl! But if you gave a resounding “no” more than once, you might want to forget those patent yellow pumps you’ve been eyeing.

Don’t give up hope, though! Find a balance between “top of the trends” and “boringly basic” by 1) opting for a mid-priced pair, 2) choosing a brand or style you know you love, 3) finding a pair that complements an outfit already in your closet, and 4) wearing them proudly within a week of purchasing. These small steps into the bright-shoes trend could very well be your jump into a whole new world of fashion footwear.