Gourmet (Order Up)


Solestruck recently ventured to Las Vegas to attend the ever-psychotic trade shows, and I realized three things:

1. Hyper-tan Vegas moms with long, dead hair and giant breasts stuffed into colorful cocktail dresses are not my jam.


2. Dry heat is equally as MISERABLE as humid heat…


3. Apparently, everybody in the industry wears Gourmet Footwear-

Screen Shot 2013-09-16 at 12.41.46 PM

-and I’ve been having an annoying (to my coworkers, probably) obsession since.

Gourmet first hit Solestruck shores in the Fall of 2012: a brand that boldly took DUCK BOOTS (one either loves duck boots or hates duck boots. there is no middle-ground.) and put a modern, actually cool spin on ‘em. Today, Gourmet has continued pushing unique constructions with unconventional materials; and Fall 2013 is the best it’s looked yet:


Bizarre imported leathers, fitting shapes for everyone’s current affair with athletic sneakers, casual footwear that pushes the men’s market forward.

So stoked to house this collection.

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