MEET DOMINIC. Warning- this dude has some major style! He’s the boy behind the blog, Saturn Grizzelle, and on our list of boys we’d like to date. I mean… I mean. We spotted him rockin’ the Substitute Jump Ups and immediately sent him out a pair from the latest collection from To Be Announced. This one did the TBA Dungeon some MAJOR JUSTICE- check it out below, along with our exclusive interview:

Dominic Grizzelle


What do you do?
Blogger , Photographer , stylist

How many pairs of shoes do you own?
geesh I think like 32 *goes to count….. yeah 32 ahaha mainly all solestruck purchases

What are you listening to right now?
My music selection has been bouncing all over the place lately ! aha But mainly Slayer and Wu Tang

How does music influence your style?
Music plays a big roll in my style because my style refects my mood . and music always converts a persons mood whether its Sad or happy :)

What are some of your fav men’s fashion blogs?
Geesh I don’t really see any mens blogs , which is why I really want to change that whole persective on that and Blogging mainly you see women , so I want to take the mens blogging scene by storm I WANT TO TAKE OVER ! ahaha

What do you love most about styling?
Well styling with me styling has started when I was little I use to steal my little sisters barbies and shave there head and cut up bandannas and hot glue pieces together just to make her look bad ass , from there I loved dressing people up and myself and has become one of my biggest passions!

Celebrity crush?
hmm that one is hard aha maybe Slash yum yum long hair don’t care (The younger Slash) ahah

What aspirations do you have for the future?
Wow I want to do so much but my biggest aspiration would to be invoke a whole diffrent persective with Men and Fashion . Mens Fashion has become vividly boring because there is a certain standard…. LAME! I also really would love to get my Photography and Blogging out there and work with others such as Sole struck , Jeffrey Campbell and putting Las Vegas on the map and not focusing on it’s bad features but more the potential

If you could go to dinner with any rapper dead or alive, who would it be?
Tu Pac Duh!!!! ahaha If anyone know me they know I’m a big Tu pac fan

Mary-Kate or Ashley?
Can I have both and sit in the middle of them with my Prada Shades YES HONEY!!!

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