Guest blogger: It’s A HAUTE MESS in here!

Hello, friends and fellow footwear aficionados. It’s me, Niki. From A Haute Mess. I currently have the pleasure of guest blogging for Solestruck, our compadres in the battle against ugly shoes. Are you afraid? You should be. Just kidding, I’ll be gentle.

As part of my guest-blogging duties, I’ve been taking the ridiculously awesome Agnes for a spin (the Agnes by Senso, not someone’s grandmother) and this is the first installment of our adventures together. She’s THE BEST. A crazy high architectural wedge AND available in a rainbow of NEON leathers. I have the Agnes in “Fleuro” and it was the perfect shoe to bring with me on my vaycay to Hawaii.

Outfit credits here. But we all know this is really about the shoes.

It may be a giant mullet, but it’s still a “little black dress” — a perfect companion to let the awesomeness of these wedges shine. Bright. Because they’re neon. And because they’re cool. You get it.

Did I mention that they’re also on sale? 57% off. Yuuuup. “That sh*t cray!” says everyone.

I’m sad to be leaving this wonderfully warm and neon-loving island soon, but at least I’ll have these shoes to brighten up the rest of the winter. I’m off for now, but I’ll catch ya when I’m back in Canada, EH?! Love you. Bye!

  • Alia

    Love the shoes!! do they glow in the dark? joking, very fortunate buy :)