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I was so excited to finally arrive in NYC I had to double check myself to confirm I wasn’t peeing down my legs onto the airport hi-shine linoleum. And… nope. Whew. No puddles forming. My very, very first trip to the city that represents perpetual fashion evolution and rebirth! Not that I don’t love my Portland, but come on now. NYC gets to be my mistress. At least! So, there I am, stepping out of a cab into my very own Brooklyn brownstone (I’m sure Ty -the fabulous Solestruck Brand Manager extraordinaire-  doesn’t appreciate that, haha, since HE does the actual leasing) walking up one and then two and then, eff, three flights of stairs with my enormous suitcases. Damn, by the time I arrived that first night I was a hot mess!

But you know what? It completely, absolutely, of course did not matter. By the end of the night I was tasting my 3rd hand-shaken Mai Thai in my best fundraising efforts with Ty Mcbride, talking shoes, taking pictures of my shoes, instagraming shoes and wearing an effing HOT Solestruck pair that more 1,300 other shoe whores “liked” within the hour.

I had a quick introduction to the East Village nightlife at Big Bar and later snacks at Song (Yummy Korean goodness) where two handsome strangers bestowed some very special glow bracelets upon us. And no, we did not check the glow liquid for illegal drugs before licking them. I mean wearing them.

By the time I got home to my little room with a view, I fell into bed and dreamed about meeting NYC embodied as a beautiful supermodel and how she smelled, how she dressed…

Hello New York, I drunk whispered, please let me have your babies.

On a wide-awake note… here is a sneak peek of a shoot for Gamine NYC I’ll be sharing soon!

  • Christine Shields

    I love this so much! Lavenda you are so adorable and such a wildly talented human being. <3