GUEST BLOGGER: Love-struck by Solestruck

To welcome the creator of LASSKAA to Solestruck properly….

we ask her to cameo this week as a guest blogger—after all, her blog, is how we found her amazing shoes.

Meet Georgina Solomon

[Mandatory Bestie X Bestie shot]

Hello all you Solestruck loving lovers. I hope you’ve all had a shiny-bright start to this new year!

The addition of my Lasskaa product to this mind-boggling online store, has certainly sent me over the moon with excitement! So much so in fact that, I had to force myself to spend a lazy Sunday in bed, just to give my mind a rest.

Movies and breakfast were the main activities on my list. Rookie mistake, mind you, ordering an iced coffee when aiming to relax… You’d think I would have become more Zen living here in Bali, but adding caffeine to the mix sent my thoughts into overactive mode yet again. I was left quoting lines from ‘The Little Rascals’ for the rest of the day. If you’ve ever seen the movie, you’ll know the Buckwheat and Porky speech I made my own version of…

(Imagine a really dorky kiddy-wink voice)

“Deeear Solestruck,
You’re the staaaar that shines brighter than colourrrrs.
You’re the skiiip in ma heart-beat.
You leeeeave ma mind spiiiinning in circles.
Looooooooove Lass-kaa.”

Yes, I took a positive (rather lame) spin on Buckwheat’s words, but like Alfalfa’s love for Dahla, how the heck could I resist?! Especially after all the dazzling hype Solestrucks been delivering, I was totally swooned by it all.

As I mentioned, I’m based in Bali and it would have to be one of the greatest places I’ve found myself. I feel ever so spoilt by all the visits I get from friends back home and the lifestyle is unreal. It’s no secret I’m a total travel bunny… a gypsy some would say! Yes, I may move around constantly, yet this is what provides me with inspiration and really influences my designs… making everything wonderfully unique.