Nirvana and Run D.M.C. with some David Bowie.

Musicians promotion forever, woohoo! But it just looks like this – huge, grungy shirt (hello, Nirvana) + fat rope chain (hi, Run D.M.C.) + metallic boots (what’s up, Ziggy Stardust?). I wasn’t thinking about this set like this, but now I can imagine all these pieces stolen from the artists listed above.

I don’t know where in the world you are right now – maybe sunny Australia, warm part of the US or some hot, beautiful place in Asia. But I can tell you how it looks in my lovely city. Imagine tons of snow & temperature around ten degrees below zero (yeah, I’m talking about Celsius, so convert it to Fahrenheit or don’t, to make it look more dramatic) – the only way you can survive this weather is to wear twenty layers and believe that you won’t freeze. Too bad that deep in my heart I want to cover myself in a duvet (could be the one that Margiela designed haha) and leave my home dressed like that. Last Sunday with the same weather conditions there I was digging through the fresh snow in my cosmic boots, which you can still get HERE. Thank you Miista for making something so comfortable, that it’s possible to survive polish winter in them. Pictures were taken in the interiors of Warsaw University of Technology – their every building looks similar to this one and they’re damn beautiful. So there I was, wearing different styles and in complete contrast to the surroundings. And that’s what I love about this photoshoot. Not mentioning groups of nerds watching my every step in these shiny beauties.

Mix of grunge, a little bit of gangsta style with cosmic addition – 70′s, 80′s and 90′s together in one place. Enjoy!

Pictures by Marta Szewczyk

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  • Eden

    This girl is such a fucking rockstar. It doesn’t get more badass than her.

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    eurgh LAME. this chick is bland, smile dawl face