Okay ladies, here is the UPDATE!!! The soldout HAUS OF PRICE MEGA BOOTIE is getting crazy. We sold the first 18 pairs out in a matter of hours. We are in constant communication with James from H.O.P. in regards to our next delivery. We will receive another delivery of 40+ pairs by April 30th. In the weeks to come—we will be preselling this APRIL 30th batch as soon as we get all the details worked out on quantity and sizing. Stay up to date on this here on our blog, as we will be updating you regularly.

For the Spring season, we will be rolling out four new designs from James and the crew at Haus of Price. While it seems that the mega bootie might be the crown jewel (pun intended) of the bunch—we are also super excited about the new pump shape that will be coming soon to the site—stay tuned for this style! Sneak peak! Also due to the site in late APRIL, this updated shape for H.O.P. is sure to provide some magic to your Spring.



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