James Price, the LA based desinger, stylist, DIY-er and lover of gems, has become a favorite with the Solestruck clients over the last 18 months. His heavily encrusted wedges have remained in our top selling styles for over 12 months. Price recently partnered with LA Babe Luna Lovebad for a photoshoot featuring his mainstay style the ATLANTIS and a sneak peak at a style Solestruck will be receiving later this month the VENUS WEDGE.

“Luna lovebad is a modern day mermaid barbie hailing from los angeles, california. she is an internet personality and full time hair/makeup artist, taught at the toni & guy hairdressing academy. the self proclaimed ‘compton barbie’ is currently working on her first rap ep. she has wicked personal style and in her free time enjoys collecting vinyl toys, pretending to be sailor moon, and feeding her shoe addiction shopping on solestruck!” Sounds like our dream girl! Check out her tracks HERE. Her TUMBLR is cute too!

[Above is the new style, VENUS, coming to Solestruck later this month]