Hello, goodbye



My journey with Solestruck ended last week and the past week leaving Portland and saying goodbye to some of the most amazing people I’ve ever met has been so hard. I ended my time abroad with a trip to Tokyo to be with some friends and I’ve had a blast but I think of Portland and everyone at Solestruck everyday. Right now, I’m back home in Singapore and this will also sadly be my goodbye on the Solestruck blog. It was extremely wifi-unfriendly in Japan so this post has had to wait, but I hope you guys (and everyone else in the office: Hi! I miss you alllll!!!!) like this photo diary of my experience…. I’m getting all teary eyed just typing this!!! Ok pix, pix!


The day we drove up to see the scenic routes along the mountains. So.freaking.beautiful.


First day in the office! Henry brought me to work by bus and it was so much fun! I was snapping away. “Sooooo Preeeetttyyy ahhh!!!!!!!!”


You guys were so nice to allow me to experience to very first thanksgiving. We drank, we gave thanks, we hugged and I got to know everyone a little better, we got real drunk and we danced all night.


Tina brought me for my first food cart experience at Koi Fusion and it was deeeliiizious!


Some fun times at the PDX store with my babes!


I love Portland!!!!!!! And I love you guys :(


Getting a picture of this sign was so difficult, we slowed the car down and screamed real loud as I tried to snap but failed the first time, and then finally a week later, it was perfect! And we screamed even louder because we got the shot!


The city is all about great food and aside from food trucks, everyone brought me to try their favourie spots and it was so much fun exploring and trying new things!


Tina, Sarahvale and Henry were so much fun shooting for the blog series, ‘In My Shoes’, thank you for bringing me to awesome places and opening up your homes to me and sharing Portland with me <3


Everyday is an adventure as long as you’re in the car with Sarahvale…! Beep beep.


Such a great time shooting a couple of looks for the site’s content. Never thought we would be able to achieve what we did.


I always make Henry shoot outfits for me, even if it’s freezing…and he has been such a sweetheart being so patient! This dude can work a camera :)


Black Friday was also quite the experience..! Always so much fun running around the warehouse!


My last two days in Solestruck ;(


One last night together before saying goodbye :(


Thank you, thank you, thank you to each and every one of you for making me feel so welcomed during my journey here in Portland. I have thoroughly enjoyed being with all of you and having been able to be a part of the Solestruck family for past 1.5 months was short but it was some of the best times in my life. All of you are so hardworking, supportive and so talented in all that you guys do, inspiring me so much and making it such a privilege to be able to work with you guys. Solestruck will forever be a part of me. And thank you to everyone who has been reading, for allowing me to share my experiences on this blog! And bearing with my super long posts. All of you are amazingggg! I love you all.

So this is the end. And if you would like to follow me on my adventures Singapore and my travels, you can find me at my blog, I’ll see you there…BIG LOVE! xoxo from Singapore!