Henry Takes NYC D-3



Like a true New Yorker, I knew it was impossible for me to be happy throughout this entire trip; but frighteningly, I was. The sun was always social, cabs were easily caught, zits were perfectly concealed–everything was going way… too… smoothly.

It was therefore no shock when, on Day 3, my last day in NYC, I awoke to a rainstorm.

Listen, I’m from Portland. Rain is essentially my bitch. But New York rain? She’s a whole ‘nother monster. Violent, dramatic buckets of water literally pour down from the sky, shocking the city into paralysis. Hailing a cab is an exercise in futility. Stopping somebody else’s cab is an exercise in suicide. The subway is what I imagine a steamy urinal to feel/smell like, umbrella brawl becomes survival of the sturdiest and even the rare, cheerful New Yorker suddenly wants to kill you. I could do nothing but put on my game face and brace the day.



Ty, ever the optimist, decided to start our day with a serious Taylor Swift moment in the cab.

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 4.22.50 PM



… I wasn’t too happy about it.

We first arrived at the Iris showroom, to see new goods from Jil Sander and Chloé.


Just can’t stress it enough. ‘Twas a dark, dark day: the end of which was spent sitting in a moist cab for an hour while an angry driver casted curses and Ty casually continued his Taylor Swift moment.

#MESS #OF #A #DAY #SAVE #ME #!!!!!!

In the evening doe, I met up with this guy to talk about being the face of Solestruck Mens’ Autumn 2013 season:

Screen shot 2013-06-17 at 4.32.38 PM

We discussed everything from personal life stories to favorite alcoholic combinations, the type-casting of different races in the fashion world, etc. I can’t say it eloquently, so I won’t bother; but Shaun’s positive spirit is contagious. He constantly aims to spread the message of positivity. I mean, damn, it’s sappy so I’m hoping bad grammar will help lessen the cheese of it all, but his uplifting mantra struck a chord with me. True, the entire day was a trip on the struggle bus, but HEY! I was in NYC for three exhilarating days meeting a slew of characters, working to my bitter bones and drinking like there was no tomorrow. It was a beautiful experience, brah! All-considered, it was only beautiful!










the fact that an ugly sign is ruining what could’ve been a perfect Kodak moment is testament to one’s experience in this place. I’ll see you later, NYC!