Her first high heels

It’s no secret that many women have an undeniable, unavoidable, often unexplainable attraction to cute shoes. Few little girls can resist playing dress up in their mommy’s high heels, and an older girl’s first pair of pumps is a momentous occasion. But now, thanks to childhood friends turned business partners Britta Bacon and Hayden Porter, any aspiring fashionista can wear her first pair of heels before she can even take her first step.

SophieHeelarious shoes are made from PVC-coated vinyl and satin, with soft high heels that are not intended for walking (the heel will actually collapse if weight is applied). Sized for newborns to 6-month-olds, these novelty gift items range in color from hot pink (shown) to animal prints, as well as a basic patent black for the more conservative baby. Each pair comes packaged in an adorable purse-like gift box, complete with rhinestone closure.

Heelarious BabyAccording to the company website, Bacon’s daughter Kayla and Porter’s own shoe obsession were part of the inspiration. Founders Bacon and Porter also spoke recently with WSAToday about the creation of the brand. “We’re trying to create an experience for the customer. It’s a funny joke, and I think that’s what attracts people. The people who love shoes think it’s hilarious,” says Bacon.

“We’re trying to keep it basic and simple,” Porter adds. “Eventually we’ll have our own couture line where there might be more different fabrics and embellishments.” The WSA article continued to say that fall 2008 plans included more fashion-forward designs as well as a boys’ collection (WSAToday, June 2008, Volume 3, Number 6, page 12).
  • high heels

    I think these are cute. Just so long as “mom” doesn’t suggest her kids continue wearing heels and elementary lol

  • Anna

    I simply can’t go along with this. They are cute, but I just don’t think babies should be wearing high heels yet. They still fart and puke at their whim – not fashionable!