Face it—after Monday—the Holidays are going to feel like they are right on top of us. Sure, I’ll ease myself into it with some booze fueled, late night, online gift shopping, a pumpkin spice latte, and by sending a few Holiday cards—but let’s get to it people. HOLIDAY PARTIES ARE COMING!.

[DV makes choices easy with this cheap and chic holiday staple. Meet Layna]

And nobody, I repeat NOBODY, wants to be left in the corner with Avery from accounting during the Christmas holiday party! Sure she can knit a life-sized replica of the Statue of Liberty in a long weekend—but combined with the egg nog and the eyes you are making at your UPS guy—she isn’t really going to do the trick as a holiday side kick! Wait, why is our UPS guy at our Holiday Party?

Being Santa’s little helper just got easier—-Thanks to MESSECA NYC. Velvet, Metal heel, and a walkable wedge make going back to the Open Bar at your company’s function that much easier. There is nothing love more than saying…”I got the next round” at an open bar all you can drink booze fest!