I Heart Shoes.


Aha! Thought I’d give everyone a sneak peak of part of my shoe collection to date. I’ve been wearing heels and platforms since I was 15, and have never stopped since. They just keep getting higher and higher. Whoopeedoo! They’re probably only 3 pairs of flats in this picture, what can I say? I would kill for shoes and make it a point to visit every 3 days to check out some shoe porn. And drool all over my Macbook. Honestly, they depress me a whole lot because I just want everything‚Ķ.
On a random note, I kind of wish I could swim in a pile of new shoes right now. I can already smell it. So many different pairs on my wish list! I’m currently lusting over Dolce Vita’s Jemma & Opening Ceremony’s Bernadette ahhhhhh they’re both so perfect I could die!!!


These are my staples. Worn and battered to death. I am such a boring shoe person right? But black’s sexy and they go with everything! From top left to bottom right: Steve Madden, Topshop, H&M, Topshop, L.A.M.B, Jeffrey Campbell

I guess I’ll end this off with some quick pictures wearing my latest acquisition: My beautiful L.A.M.B wedges! I’ve been exploring so many new places just in my neighbourhood alone recently. Its so amazing how these places you’ve never seen or heard of that are so close to you just pop out of nowhere. We just randomly came across this place and it was so beautiful with the sunset. The planks would wobble so I had to try hard not to fall off in those shoes! But nevertheless, an adventure I want to explore more into in the future.

Photos taken by one of my dearest friends, Sherman.

I hope everyone is having a great week so far! Bye for now!