I am your viking

Several months ago our buying team took a train from Copenhagen, four hours into Sweden. As the sun peaked over the Scandinavian countryside our train sped deep into Sweden. Bundled up, we got off our train in VARBERG–a small city with an amazing landscape, rich history, and a city that is home to Vagabond shoes. Known for producing fashionable staples at great prices and equally great comfort–the owners of vagabond met us with an amazing lunch, tour of their workspace, sample room and a private viewing of their collection—on a Saturday!

We have ordered a  very small, and tightly curated collection from their latest offering. We are the only retailer carrying the brand in the US and are very excited to be working with them on their relaunch into the US. Stay tuned as we get more info and sneak peaks of things to come with our Swedish friends from Vagabond.

[one of the items from our buy]