I just want you to want me

There are not going to be any surprises here people. There is going be very little trickery involved either.  We started a tumblr today that will catalog the following, but not limited to: Shoes, Champagne, Cats, Our office crushes, Mariah Carey, all things Portland, ironic images, PHASHION, Vintage obsessions, runway moments, shows, bands, street sightings of our shoes, boys, girls, gays, clients, fans, black milk, employees, shoes, OMG SHOES, and a few wedges. You know how we roll around here by now.

However, to kick off our new TUMBLR, our new resident TUMBLR genius, intern S.Buche, wants to give a way one pair of shoes to the 1,000 follower. Since we started this morning, we realized this wasn’t going to take long, however here is how it works. If you have a TUMBLR, follow us. If you do, we will love you and we will say nice things about you. If you happen to be the 1,000th follower of our new TUMBLR, well then, you win a prize. You win one pair of shoes from the site, up to $200.00. If you happen to be a high flutin’ baller who wants a 700.00 pump—well then, we will knock off 200.00 and send you on your way! How’s that for cute! WE LOVE CUTE.

Welcome to our new Intern S.Buche.

Welcome to our new TUMBLR, may she always, and I mean, ALWAYS land her tripple lutz in her long routine.


  • Ash

    I already clicked that ‘follow’ button, first I heard.