I Love Portland!


Hollllllla! It’s soooooo good to be back here and I’m always happy to be blogging for Solestruck! Like Ty had mentioned in his super sweet introduction here, I am in Portland!!!!! I can’t believe I’ve travelled from the other end of the world to be here and am feeling super privileged to be jumping in and just being able to be a part of Team Solestruck for the next couple of weeks! I have never been so excited!


Portland has been so pretty and I am in LOVE. For those who don’t know where I’m from, I come from Singapore and it’s about a 17 hour flight away (Screw you, Delta!!!!!) and I survived (NO ENTERTAINMENT ON BOARD & BAD FOOD) and am finally here! I’ve been taking the city step by step and it’s been so awesome. Portland has been so different from every where else I have visited in the U.S and I can see why Solestruck is so crazy now…because Portland is crazy and everyone embraces it. Everyone is so indie and hippie which has been so amazing and the Solestruck crew I’ve met are super!


The weather has been incredibly wet since I’ve arrived but that didn’t stop me from exploring the scenic routes Portland has to offer! Everything else has been pretty slow for me as I am still adjusting to being in America again but I’ve visited the Solestruck PDX store and had my very first authentic Thanksgiving which was so much fun (More on that later!). Ooh and a little tour of the Solestruck Warehouse which drove me a little insane because I have never, ever seen so many shoes in my life….I can’t wait to share my adventures with you guys while I’m here so…stay tuned! I’ll be back in abit… ;)