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You know we’re all super thrilled about the big V-day comin’ up (PUKE) and so, let the influx of shitty love songs fill your head and make you crazy! Here’s my “Hate you, but I really fuckin’ love you” Valentine’s playlist. Enjoy!

This is always a good one. It’s sorta still a sappy love song, but you know, the sappy goth version.

This is one of those melodic songs that will really jam itself into your brain. I think I’ve listened to it a total of 163 times since I first heard it, so.. point in case. It’s a perfect mix of sad longing and hopelessly hopeful for love.

Anything by The Cramps is a favorite of mine, and this sassy little tune is a great way to say “Let’s get it on” without being too much of a creep.

Listening to this always makes think of random make outs in a dark basement venue while dodging sweaty punks moshing by your side- best nights of my life.

The Aquadolls know how to make a damn good “hate you/love you” song and this one pretty much encapsulates all those wretched feelings that come up you’re into someone you shouldn’t be.

One line: “I’m gonna drop dead, baby, if I take another look at you”. Perfect pick up line. Let those panties drop!

Whenever I listen to this, it’s an instant feeling of being the hottest, baddest bitch in town, and taking your pick of the boys. You won’t take any shit, but you know how to get down, and you do it well.

Once you’ve wrangled that special babe.. here’s your jam. Non-stop boning and that forever high of being in (sorta, maybe, possibly) love. Feels good, man.

And then it goes to shit or you’ve recently acquired a stalker. Either way, this is the best option I can think of to give a big middle finger to that unrequited love.

And finally, if there’s one thing Romeo Void has taught the world for almost 30s years, is that sometimes sex can equal love, or you know, whatever special feeling you do end up getting that night..



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  • kaity

    sparks! the runaways! romeo void! and most importantly THE CRAMPS! i thought i was going to be disappointed when i first looked at this because i can be a bit of a music snob (my uncle was a promoter/dj for city gardens i cant help it!! :P ) but this is a great list! hooray! i wanna get in your pants is one of my fav cramps songs