This was possibly our best contest ever. We have been laughing all day at the crazy responses we got from you guys! We asked for your predictions for 2012…and you guys delivered a crazy batch of responses that have our sides splitting, our laughter loud and our OMG’s frequent. We have selected three winners………..favorite posts included the insane comments about the Kardashians, Gaga, Kate and Beyonce! We love you guys!

Alexandra Spurlock caught our attention with mention of cats, Gaga and famous gays. You know how we do girl. Free shoes for you!

1. Since 2012 is the year of the dragon, 100 dragons will be born Jan 1st. They will be awesome but not as photogenic or sassy as cats.

2. A new pop icon will materialize out of nowhere just like lady gaga did. This time without lobsters on her head or egg vehicles. Lady gaga will be PISSED.

3. The love of my life, Johnny Weir will step out in man litas and rock them.

Our second winner caught my attention while I was in bed sipping wine late last night. The submission from Hannah Donnellon is so odd and off the wall, we fell in love with her at once. Hanna! You are freakin’ awesome. YOU WIN SHOES!

1. A bear will become educated and nominated as the spokesperson of Kmart.

2. You will cut all of your knuckles accidentially by skinning a Barbie doll.

3. All smooth jazz will inevitably become illegal.

Our third winner, who is named after a cookie, Lisa Pecan Sandies, worked her way into our heart with her love of Solestruck and of course by dropping some BLACK MILK flattery. Well, okay, we like Johnny Depp too. There we said it.

1) The Black Milk x Solestruck collaboration will garner so much interest that all servers will melt on the release date causing a shut down of all electronics and the start of the predicted apocalypse.

2) To protect themselves from the above stated apocalypse Solestruck clients will come together and build a fortress out of shoes making them the most resourceful, intelligent and fashionable survivors to date.

3) After searching the barren land for more survivors a lock of Johnny Depp’s hair is found and the prized DNA is used to create soul mates for all of the Solestruck sole mates. And a fierce and fashionable civilization will rise (much like the height of their heels).