If I Were A Boy…

The dreaded question people always ask, “How would you describe your style?” Blankly staring, it was always a hard question for me to answer because frankly, I really didn’t know. It was a mixture of everything and embraced nothing all at the same time and I didn’t realize until recently what it was in so many words.

Ok so I don’t really want to be a boy. And although I’m happy with my boobs, I have been drawn to a more androgynous style lately. Not to say my style is androgynous or anything but style is ever changing as I get older and more womanly I’m starting to ironically embrace a more edgier masculine side of my style.

Year twenty-five hit me in the face and with that came a comfort in my own skin and finding my true sense of style. Call it a quarter century crises but there’s also something so bad ass about a girl who can pull of an androgynous style and still manage to look sexy right?

Here’s a little bit of my style inspiration as of lately.

And I’ve finally found a comfort in my own skin. Simple, chic and edgy.

Locks and Trinkets