"I'm On The List."

Who doesn’t like a little VIP treatment now and again? With that being said, we have created our COMING SOON section on our main page—with you VIP clients in mind. Each season, we will be partnering with our favorite brands to put together limited items we will pre-sale to our our client base. In these offering we like to include, hard to find styles, items which consistently sell out at rapid speeds, new brands, and interesting finds that we think you are going to want to reserve for your footwear arsenal!

How does it work? Shop the styles you love early. With a purchase, card charged at time of check-out, you lock in your pair. With one swipe of the trusty credit card, you have now protected yourself from the greedy/grabby hands of other shoe addicts globally! If you aren’t up for pre-purchasing…..simply sign up for don’t see my size–then, when we actually get the shoes in the warehouse—you are auto-notified so you can re-think it while you mentally prepare outfits, ensembles, looks and options you might pair with these new bad boys. Both features keep you up to speed on what is newest, first, and coming soon to the site.

Today, we have updated the new coming soon section with select offerings from our Irregular Choice Fall 1 buy. We do have other styles coming—don’t worry your head, but we wanted to offer you a jump on our two favorite styles from our TO THE SOURCE lookbook. We make making choices easy, Irregular Choices, difficult choices etc etc. Shop it early ladies and shop it strong. TGIF.

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