INDIAN SUMMER: Featuring Australian Blogger Gary Pepper Vintage.

We have been dealing with a giant obsession with Australia for the last few months, and our liking of Australian blog Gary Pepper Vintage has definately added to that fascination. We recently had Nicole, founder of GPV, create some landing pages using the Jeffrey Campbell Snick-Stud. Her visuals are amazing and we are featuring her now on our main page. We sat with Nicole recently for a little Q&A to get to know her better.

An afternoon with Gary Pepper Vintage from Chad Waldron on Vimeo.

1. Nicole, we are like email pen pals, but we have never met in person! We met through your love of JC—how did you discover the brand?

GPV: I was lucky enough to stumble across JC before i had even started blogging myself. I was searching the net for some much needed inspiration and one link led to the next and before i knew it i had found my way to Knightcat, which funnily enough had an inviting solestruck banner on the side of her blog which led me straight to Jeffrey Campbell! I still remember because i couldn’t believe we didn’t have shoes like that here in Australia and at such a reasonable price too! That was officially the very first day my obsession with JC began.

2. What’s the hottest trend in Australia right now for women?

GPV: Jeffrey Campbell! No, seriously…

3. How’s shopping in Australia?

GPV: I think we have a good selection with easy access to home grown designers like Camilla and Marc and Sass and Bide, but i still think we’re in desperate need of a Topshop, Zara and H&M for a wider selection. We have a Topshop in Sydney but it’s nowhere near the size of any overseas and i think more girls are shopping online to find what they need. It doesn’t help that online shopping is extremely addictive too!

4. What’s your inspiration behind Gary Pepper Vintage?

GPV: When i was in highschool i always thought i would love to own my own vintage boutique but it wasn’t until i came across Spanish Moss Vintage in the US that i realised how much of a possibility that could be. It really opened my eyes to how many avenues you could pursue out of your love for vintage and Suzanna from SPV is constantly inspiring me with what she achieves. I have so much respect for her business and i owe mine to her, in so many ways.

5. What’s your background in fashion, did you study it?

GPV: Before starting Gary Pepper Vintage i was studying a Diploma in Fashion Business at FBI Fashion College in Sydney and i was also interning at Grazia and Harpers Bazaar where i quickly picked up on how to survive in the fashion industry.

6. If we were to visit Australia, what would be the top 3 must see places/things?

GPV: The Great Barrier Reef, Ayers Rock on sunset and The Sydney Harbour – it’s full of so many things to see like the Sydney Harbour Bridge and the Sydney Opera House with plenty of beautiful restaurants too.

7. Who are your current celeb crushes?

GPV: Alexa Chung, Abbey Lee and Olivia Palermo. They have their own unique style that is also completely different to each others and are constantly inspiring me with how they put their outfits together so effortlessly and chic.

8. What shoe trends are you dying to see in 2011?

GPV: I almost died when i saw Miu Miu and Topshop were making penny loafer platforms! I’m still looking for the perfect platform myself so i’m hoping the platforms are only going to get higher!

9. Is black still the new black?

GPV: I don’t think black will ever go out of fashion but in saying that, i have a feeling more feminine neutrals and soft pastels are beginning to take over this season.

10. and finally…if any song lyric could best describe you, what would it be?

GPV: Don’t forget the pact that we made. Too young to die but old is the grave – kings of leon.
Something my friends and i used to say when we were 15 so i don’t know if it best describes me but it’s something i believe in. We’re never too old to enjoy ourselves.

  • http://Website Amy (teeki designs)

    Love this post! What a great lil vid and interesting interview! Love the shoes!!!!!!!!! x

    • ty

      Thanks! We have really taken a liking to Nicole! We lover her carefree take on fashion….and of course, we currently love all things australian! Thanks and keep your eye on her blog! Its always amazing.

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