We collaborate with awesome people, that’s no secret, but this time around we’re so excited to collab with the California collective Love+Made! Inspired by doing what you love and designed right from the heart (hence the super cute heart shaped box!), this capsule collection is something we’re so proud to present to you (I mean, the shoes are good. Like, reeeeeal good). To help celebrate the launch, we did a mini Q&A with Love+Made founder and co-designer of these amazing shoes, Linda – check it out below:


Name: Linda Nguyen

What is Love+Made?
LOVE+MADE is a brand and creative collective who believes in the philosophy of following your hearts pursuits and making/doing what you love. Through our creations and brand message we want to inspire others to follow the same path. We love to collaborate with our favorite artists and brands on creative projects, events, and product designs. Love+Made has launched apparel, candles, jewelry, handbags, and now our first shoe designs with Solestruck!

How did it all start?
Love+Made started in 2008 while Tammy and I were still working in the corporate world. We were anxious to get our brand out there so we started promoting Love+Made through hosting and sponsoring events. We figured that if collaborated with our favorite female DJ’s, artists, and brands on events that we would naturally tap into our community and create a following.


Tell us about you! What’s your life story?
I pretty much live, breathe and love Love+Made! I’m an example of someone who has worked as a designer in the corporate world and ventured off to pursue a business of my own. Other than work, I stay pretty active running, hiking, and rollerskating.

You have a very diverse background in the fashion industry! What’s the coolest thing you’ve gotten to do so far?
I would say the coolest experiences I have had through my previous jobs was all of the traveling that came with it.I’ve been to Tokyo, Barcelona, Paris, China, Hong Kong, Sweden and South Africa. I love being exposed to different cultures around the world.


What was your inspiration behind the designs for the Love+Made x Solestruck collab?
I wanted to cover all the bases!
(Love Struck)A comfortable casual flat shoe that was a blend of a high top sneaker + classic oxford.
(Charming) A sexy and sporty high heel perfect for a special event or date.
(Fever) Designed with the NYC girl in mind. She wants something she can walk 10 blocks in, wear to the office, then straight to the party!

If you could do a collab with any person, brand, etc. – who would it be and why?
I would LOVE to do a cosmetics collab one day with brands such as Nars, Mac or Lime Crime. I love COLOR in general and would have so much fun designing color palettes and packaging.

Are there any new ventures that you’re dying to get Love+Made into?
I would love to do Cosmetics, Swimwear, and technical work out gear!


Now for the fun stuff..

Would you rather be deserted on an island with Gary Busey for 60 days or get Steve Buscemi’s eyes tattooed over your eyelids?
Ummm. I’d rather be on a deserted island with Gary cause at least I can hide in the trees and sip on coconuts all day.

Tell us an embarrassing story. We promise not judge!
I was on MTV’s dismissed! LOL


Taco Bell or Jack In The Box?
Jack in the crack.

Guilty pleasure?
Instagram. Im sort of… obsessed.