As is customary in the fashion world, we’re obsessed with Rick Owens. Not only for his designs that lend incredible edge to an otherwise simple and (mostly) functional product, but him as a person. More than any reality star, actress, musician, what have you; his personal life and views on the world in general are a complete fascination to us. There’s no one in the world quite like him, and that’s exactly what he’s proud of.

Butt Magazine recently published an interview the non-french-speaking-Paris-dwelling designer and fell even harder for him. The interview discusses a range of topics, and well, the final quote says it best.. “We started with buttplugs and ended with babies.” and Rick replies, “Isn’t that the way”? I don’t want this to sound like a creepy diary entry or stalker love letter, but could he be any more down to earth, humble, and just fucking awesome? Sigh. And his relationship with Michele Lamy is pretty enviable, too.


Here are my favorite tidbits from the interview (although I HIGHLY suggest reading the entire thing):

On fetishes:

“I love fetishes. I’ve been out of circulation, so I don’t know what kids do these days, but when I was young there was a pretty big leather community in Los Angeles. I’m a little bit too pragmatic to let myself get involved in the fantasy of those things, but I loved the ceremony and the pageantry and the creepiness of being in a dark leather bar at four in the morning with music blasting and guys just standing there holding a beer, staring in front of them and doing nothing, everyone waiting for something to happen. That tension, that weirdness, the creepiness and that desperation, I loved it. It’s not that I could participate genuinely, just because I didn’t believe in that whole uniform thing. Is that culture still around? I wonder if the kids still need that kind of thing. I mean: it was born out of shame and…shame, wasn’t it? That was the kernel of the whole bondage discipline: oppression, a master/slave kind of thing.”

On his personal style:

“I only have this outfit, times 20. That’s all I ever wear. It’s very practical – it’s suited for the way I live my day. I go to the gym everyday, so it makes sense to wear my gym look. I’m working all day in my house and studio and I’m cutting fabric and I’m making things and I’m going to the gym, so what I wear is what I feel is exactly appropriate for that. It is very rational. You may not always think so, but I try to be somewhat rational in the clothes that I propose, with just a certain amount of flamboyance. I like 80 percent rationalism, 20 percent flamboyance.”

On learning French:

“I think it’s weird that I’ve never learned French at all. I’ve been here for ten years now. When I moved here I thought I’d be brilliant and pick it up really fast, but then I was horrified in the first week. It was so crushing that it didn’t come natural that I never tried again. Michele doesn’t make it easier either. You know, she’s a mean French woman, and when I mispronounce something there’s a look of disgust on her face – it’s so mean that I’m discouraged from trying anymore. It’s too tedious for her to teach me. She has no patience for it, which is one of the things I love about her. [Not speaking French] is something I quite enjoy. Not knowing what people around me are saying affords me a layer of privacy. I just shut off. I live in a little bubble and it’s great. I love it. I love living a bit isolated.”

On gifting to friends who have kids:

“I save [my hair], because there is some kind of wonderful voodoo thing about saving your hair. When we first moved to Paris, people around us started having babies. Whenever anyone would have a baby, I would give them a baby blanket and I would embroider the baby’s initials with my and Michele’s hair. But now everybody is having babies left and right, and I can’t keep embroidering babies’ initials. I did it with the first four and that was it; now they’re just breeding like rabbits. There’s too many goddamn babies.


And there you have it, my dears. The talented and beautifully strange Rick Owens.

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