It Just Makes SENSO.

We put the SENSO images up on the SOLESTRUCK site about a week ago, already the response has been great, and the brand is not even listed on our site yet! We are receiving calls and emails about the new line so we wanted to give you the dish here!

SENSO hails from Australia and is a mid-tier fast paced line that focuses on designer looks, high trend, quality materials, and is known in Australia for keeping it real cute. SENSO has partnered with SOLESTRUCK for a US exlusive and will be sold only on the SOLESTRUCK site in the US. We have a large assortment of styles, trends, looks and feels going up from SENSO. The pricepoints are amazing, the brand is adorable and the concept is genius—GIVE YOU MORE, for LESS!!! WE LOVE AUSTRALIA!

Shoes are set to hit the US in June and we will most-likely start prebooking them and preselling them about 10 days before they hit our warehouse. Stay tuned here and to our twitter as we give you new updates on the SENSO mania.

Shown above is the SENSO WILMA in black pony fur. We will offer this style in leather, pony and cheetah hair. YUM.