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Meet Andrew of
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36618 by Camper X Bernhard Willhelm
22-year-old DIY Master from Canada.
Style Mantra: “Don’t let the haters stop you from doin’ yo thang.”

Andrew! Every moment must be savored. Where are you, what were you doing before this interview, and what are you wearing?
I am at my dining table trying to be productive before spending my day brunching & shipping with a friend. I actually just woke up and am wearing waxed black jeans, a Marc by Marc Jacobs T-shirt and a vintage flannel.

Sum up your style in three adjectives.
Thrifty, ever-changing, D-I-Y? Does that count?

Yes, it does. How about the overall Canadian scene?
Our winters are long, so our closets are very outerwear-based. I’ve got more jackets than I’d like to admit. We also get hot, hot summers which is fun. A good Canadian’s wardrobe has range for every possible climate.

The best part of being Canadian?
Free Healthcare? Poutine?

What is your most prized accessory?
Probably my black Zana Bayne harness. I bought it when she first opened her webstore (gotta support the bloggers!) and it’s such a well constructed piece. Really changes an outfit.

What’s your most triumphant DIY project?
My most recent triumph was the pierced cat shirt I did for MTV Fora. Thought it would just be a funny thing to make, but I’ve actually gotten amazing feedback from it. My Sunglasses Holder was also a huge hit and is super functional.

Why are you so passionate about fashion?
It was a very organic thing for me. I always dressed a bit different and wore whatever I wanted. It’s just escalated to this. You’ve gotta put clothes on, so you might as well wear what will make you happy.

You have the chance of stealing one person’s entire wardrobe. Whose are you jacking?
Maybe Andrew Mukamal? Honestly, I’d rather just steal someone’s money and go shopping myself.

If I ask you what the “craziest thing you’ve ever worn” is, does any particular outfit come to mind?
I don’t think many of my pieces are “crazy.” If you ask someone else, they might tell you my skirts, kilts, orange neoprene coat, DIY one-piece short suit, etc. etc. I suppose I wear unconventional things, but none of them seem crazy to me.

Finish the sentence: Life is short…
Surf the internet.

Andrew’s shoes: 36618 by Camper X Bernhard Willhelm
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    Those shoes look amazing, awesome styling