It’s a Man’s World: Dustin

Meet Dustin of ShiggersOnStreet
featuring the Brit Man boot by The Damned
18-year-old party boy from Germany that you wish you were best friends with
Style mantra: “
Don’t overdose. Focus on one item.”

ERMAHGERD, how were the European Music Awards?!
It was absolutely amazing! A huge dream come true. I had an amazing time with my friends, the district MTV team and of course all the celebs. I was honored to be there!

You and your friends look like wild fun. How did you all meet?
We met a few years ago during fashion week. We shared an apartment, had a lot of fun and stayed good friends ever since–best friends in the case of Josie and me.

Your typical Saturday morning:
I’m not getting up early unless I have to work, so I’m sporting a cozy shirt-and-shorts ensemble. Even in bed, I’m very stylish (just kidding).

Your typical Saturday night:
After sleeping all morning and having dinner with friends, we head back to my place, get all dressed up, dance to trashy music, go out and dance to more trashy music. I’m wearing a mix of casual jeans and boots with a shirt or blazer – depends on my mood.

Does your unexpected style ever get you weird reactions from strangers?
When I started experimenting with my style, I was worried about the reactions of strangers. But, after a short time I thought to myself, “you’re not doing this for anyone but yourself. If you feel comfortable with what you’re wearing, then you are dressed for the best.

When did you begin sharing your life through blogging?
Nearly four years ago.

You sure love Iron Maiden and KISS T-shirts. What’s your song-of-the-moment?
One of my all-time favorites: The Cure with “Boys Don’t Cry.” I got it tattooed.

You have an sickening shoe collection. Do you have a favorite pair?
Oh yes, I do. Over a year ago I purchased a pair of Chloe Sevigny for Opening Ceremony Boots. They were my first pair of cowboy boots (many more joined my closet since). At first I was unsure, but after wearing them it was love. I totally wore them off – kinda scared they’re falling apart.

What are your winter necessities?
A huge, huge scarf! I wrap it all around my body before facing the cold Berlin winter.

What’s something foreigners won’t know about Germany unless they’re locals?
We don’t eat sauerkraut every day, only the victims wear brown leather pants and not everyone is a philistine.

What is unique to German style?
I don’t really find German style unique. Most think too practically.

Something you wouldn’t ever be caught dead in?
CROCS! Ugg Boots aren’t pretty but at least they keep your feet warm. Crocs look like plastic burnt unto your feet.

Something you need to stop buying more of?
Candles! Half of my room is filled with different kind of candles. But I just cant stop to buy more and more.

Finish the sentence: Life is short…
Enjoy the ride.

Dustin’s Shoes: Brit Man by THE DAMNED
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