It’s a Man’s World: Mike

Meet Mike,
featuring the Spike with Zip Boot by Underground UK
19-year-old photography wizard from London
Style Mantra:
“Up for anything.”

Mike Quyen. A.K.A the most creative, imaginative, whimsical user. `Ello!
Hi there!!!

London Town huh? Tell me allll about it.
I’ve found myself more inspired since I’ve moved to London. It’s quite hard to remain oblivious to all surrounding culture and beauty and not try to capture a glimpse of it in your own personal work.

Was your fall into photography synonymous with your fall into fashion?
No, I started doing photography when I was just 12 years old and my growth into fashion started 3 years ago as I discovered

Speaking of “Falls,” you’re often caught on in some comromising positions. Have you ever hurt yourself trying to get a shot?
Yes I have, but only a couple of times. Once, when we were shooting on a ladder and I was doing some sort of levitation poses. Obviously that didn’t end well because the ladder was quite high and a bit unstable. And I also had some embarrassing moments when I was trying to do an impression of Michael Jackson and I ended up falling in front of lots and lots of people.

What season do you most enjoy dressing for?
Spring and autumn are by far my favorites. You can easily improvise with all sorts of layers cause the weather allows you to. Needles to say that the lighting is beyond amazing and the pictures come out great.

What are some of your favorite shopping destinations in London?
It’s hard to say since London is so diverse shopping-wise. I think my most often shopping destinations are Oxford Street and Selfridges, they’re quite handy. There’s nothing that you might want or need that you couldn’t find there.

Your life is being made into a movie. What would the movie be called?
Mamma Mia, obviously. Most people don’t know this tiny detail about my personal life, but I really enjoy singing my way through life. Haha, joking, I have no idea how to answer this question.

Finish the sentence: life is short..
live the dream.

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  • Lauren Kim

    Hi, which shoes are the girl sitting on the white car in the first photograph wearing?

  • Henry

    Lauren, I tried finding you an answer but to no avail!