It’s always a good time for flip-flops

Well, I can’t say with all certainty that sandals meld well with cold flood weather, but some of my friends insist on wearing flip-flops year ’round! So whether you’re in the dreary Northwest or in some of the fewer and sunnier parts around the world,  you’ll definitely want to stock up on sandals.

I’ve definitely sung the praises of Reef brand flip-flops before. They are seriously some of the most comfy sandals I’ve ever worn. So it’s no surprise that I’m giving them another shoutout now that we’ve got some stellar men’s styles, too!

Have you ever heard of the Reef Fanning? It’s a men’s and women’s flip-flop with a bottle-opener embedded in the sole.

This basically proves that the brand is inventive and pretty on point.

Have you heard about the Stash? Solestruck has carried the lady’s version for quite some time now, for $49.95. This particular sandal features a thicker sole with a hidden pull-out drawer in the heel that’s perfect for a key or a few credit cards.

But last week we received the dude equivalent of the shoe, available now for $59.95. When I first saw the name, I immediately thought “drawer.” But when I began photographing it, I saw that this was not the case! Indeed, there is still definitely a hidden compartment, but get this–the back third of the shoe actually tears in half, stuck together with Velcro. And the inside contains a compartment that will fit a credit card or key (like the women’s version), but this one also includes a pen.

I wondered to myself, Why would this shoe include a pen? The explanation I came up with? To take down digits, baby! Right? Right.

So get on the trendy trend now, and get yourself some flip-flops. What do you think about the new ones?

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