Jazz Hands Vs. Jazz Shoe

These, are Jazz Hands. (Accented by a myriad of sequins)

These are JAZZ SHOES. (covered in sequins)

While both are capable of making crowds roar, feet stomp, hands clap and spark, well sparkle–only one is available at solestruck. Get your feet into the KAT by Sam Edelman now, the sequin encrusted jazz oxford will set your toe a tappin’ and your hands, well, a jazzin’.

  • Kiesha

    Pretty sure I spot a maxi pad!

  • http://google patate piler

    she is ugle

  • kaerber

    No, these are not. Jazz hands are palms to the viewer.

  • Big Daddy Don

    Who would allow this to happen?.. This is child abuse… Holy Hell this image will forever scar the insides of my eyelids, my retinas are burned and my vision fades… To hell with whoever posted this image…