Je Suis ici–Day One–Paris

Team Solestruck is back in Paris. Scouring showrooms, shows, meetings, agencies, and shops for the most outlandish and amazing shoes for the site, we are so happy to be back in this city. Having landed at 1oam this morning, and being in our first appointment by 12:45, you can imagine we are quite tired. Pair the fatigue with the fact that I am existing only on a diet of thimble sized coffees and chocolate filled croissants—well, you can imagine the state I am in. Shoes+Sugar+Caffeine+Paris=BONKERS! I put some shoes up on Insta earlier, but here is some inspiration from my day today. Stay tuned—-tomorrow we hit the buying shows and a few showrooms–what the hell am I going to wear, and more importantly what did I pack last night at 1am after a few rounds of extra happy happy hour.