Huaraches (singular huarache) are a type of Mexican sandal. Huaraches are pre-Columbian in origin, and are made from woven leather. The leather is traditionally hand-woven[1]. The name “Huarache” is derived from the P’urhépecha language term kwarachi. Huarache directly translates into English as sandal[2].

The Jeffrey Campbell Men’s collection is often hard to find, sold in small boutiques globally and in very limited quantities. Don’t miss out on the SF Huarache….the pefect fashionable alternative to a flipflop—-and buy it now.


  • http://Website Jamieson Caldwell


    Any chance on getting my hands on a pair of these?


  • lee

    When do you expect the shipment. I’ve been trying to get a pair of these for a long time.

  • James

    Are you reordering these? Been looking for a pair for a long time.

    • ty

      These might actually be in the over 100 boxes we just got in! Ill keep you posted.

      • ty

        We just posted an update on our mens blog.

  • tmatt

    can you please send info on where to order as well as cost. Thank you!

  • qbal


  • Ronald Howard

    Can you tell me how and where to order these. I have been searching for them for years.

  • Name victor johnson

    Any chance this shoe is still being made I would love to have a pair

    • Henry

      Hey Victor!

      Just received your email.

      The SF by Jeffrey Campbell’s men’s line The Damned is currently in stock here:

      If you do order, order one size small. Because they’re completely leather they do stretch out.

  • Adrian Reyes

    I’ve been searching all over the web for a pair of these. What is the likelihood you might have these in stock again?

    • Henry

      These are coming BACK Adrian! For the summer!

  • Jimmy

    Desperately need a pair of these bad boys (tan) size 9.

    Hit me up


  • Name Paul Poyser

    Your Message

    Where can I get the Hurrache’s by Jeffery Campbell’s? I had a pair a year ago and I need a mother black pair size 11.5

  • Name Paul

    I am in NYC but I need to know where’s Jeffery Campbell’s Hurraches

  • Armand

    How can i get notified on the next shipment. Need a size 9US


    • erin

      Hey Armand!

      Just sign up to be notified, and you’ll get an email when we bring them back!
      And they’re coming back next year ;)

  • Name Floyd Richardson

    Your Message Good afternoon, I am very interested in purchasing some of these shoes. I would greatly appreciate any information or update as to the availability of these huaraches.
    Thank You wery much

    • Shelley

      Sorry, these are long gone and probably won’t be back!

  • Carlos R Juarez

    You’re all in luck. My brand makes something very similar but ours are better quality. // IG: Vintage_Artisan.

  • Name eddie nicholson

    Your Message inform me when you get them in.

  • BHern

    Any updates on when these are being planned to restock?

  • NameOtis W Carter

    Your Message
    Will you be getting more of these type of shoes size 7 would to order 2 pair

  • Calin

    Yo I found a way better version of these at
    Thats the link! I bought Jeffery Camp. a year ago and the Vintage Artisan ones are by far the better deal and the leather isn’t cheap. Go check them out!

  • victor simmons

    Do you have the loafers also?