Jeffrey Campbell RAM Vs RAM-MAN

This is totally the battle of the decade, and you don’t even need pay-per-view for this throw down. I mean…wow. You can basically cut the tension with the knife as these two square off. I smell a throw-down in the works!

In this corner…the Jeffrey Campbell RAM. Are you a boot? Are you a clog? Are you a heel? What are you? We don’t know, but we don’t care—WE LOVE IT.

And in the other corner…ready to rumble is the 1980′s iconic cartoon side-kick to He-Man….the undercelebrated and not that smart, RAM-MAN. His square body, amazing ramming skills and spring loaded action are going to make this an interesting one.

Stay tuned to the blog as we release details from this sweaty grudge match of RAM-SHOE VS RAM-MAN. Like whoa.