Get up on it, and get your entry in to the Jeffrey Campbell Shoe Box Design contest. The winner will not only have their creation reproduced for the collection—they will also win, $1,000 worth of JC shoes compliments of SOLESTRUCK. For complete contest details the above picture is a live link to our original post about this amazing opportunity. To download inspiration, box templates and complete rules and regulations…CLICK HERE: BOX IT UP REGULATIONS AND RULES.

We have rec’d a lot of amazing submissions so far…and we want to thank all of you who have entered. We want to remind you to NOT use images or material that is subject to COPYRIGHT; ie Pictures of Celebrities, images of branded iconographic materials etc. Get creative and think outside of the box! Keep in mind we will select the TOP THREE winners and let our COMMUNITY VOTE on them! OUR FANS WILL CHOOSE THE FINAL WINNER via our FB fan page. To get your going and keep you inspired, we have featured below one of our favorite submissions so far. We  will start posting some great entries to keep you motivated inspired and give you a glimpse of the competition. (These entries posted are not in anyway already finalists, but rather submissions that have caught our eye as interesting, fun and creative.)

One entry we got, from a lovely and hard working boyfriend, trying to get a boat-load of shoes for his lady, caught our eye. Combining edgy design and great visuals—we found this entry interesting and fun! We love how the pattern was continued on the bottom of the box to create something that flows, is easy on the eye, and employs great use of color.

Above you can see the box top. Creative designs link into each other to create a great take on the Jeffrey Campbell Signature logo, then continue onto the box bottom to create a great overall piece. Keep up the great work guys and keep the submissions coming.

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    omg that’s so amazingg!! I want my jeffrey’s in this box please!

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    Dear solestruck, please tell me will u restocking mariel wedges, I asked this couple of times, but never heard the answer, and I know how good u are to all of ur fans, so please, be good to me once again, need an answer here! You see, I’m working my a.. in foreign country just to afford these babies, and I need to know will it pay off for me. LOVE, TAMARA!

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    I want mine to stand there too ! this s amazing but mine too !