Jeffrey Campbell Unicorn Shoe / Michelle preorder…finally!

You keep calling / emailing each and everyday for the Jeffrey Campbell Michelle (Unicorn Shoe).  You know who you are…

We should be getting these in our warehouse sometime next week in three different colors (Gold, Nude, & Black).   Preorder here to get first dibs! Now available!

  • Stacy

    Yeah. So… I neeeeeeeeeeeed these. I would like to pre-order but I don’t see where to record a size. Is this just like calling dibs? Please email me at and let me know. I’ve never pre-ordered a shoe before.

  • Danielle

    These are fierce, Bryce. DK approves.

  • Bryce

    Hi Stacy, we will be getting in sizes 6-10 US with half sizes. There is a field in the paypal link above where you select the size you want.

  • Jessie

    Dear GOD, these shoes are amazing!

    I need I need!

    I’ve seen other bloggers write about Solestruck, but I’m just now getting the chance to pop over and take a look… SO glad I did! :)

  • JGeb

    Holy Amazing. I really shouldn’t … but dang they’re hard to resist!

  • Marie

    I’ve never “preordered” a shoe before either. Whats the exact date your store will have these in?
    Personally me and my c/c would feel safe to just buy a pair once they are actually in stock. Is that possible in the future?
    Thanks much!

  • admin

    The JC Michelle should be in our warehouse later this week / early next week. We should have these for sale on the site within two weeks. We have had many preorders so far.

    We are currently SOLD OUT in:
    Black (size 6.5)
    Nude (size 9)
    Gold (size 6, 6.5, & 9)

  • sonya reynolds

    how do i purchase my size?

  • Leigh

    What is the return policy??? (just in case they don’t fit).
    And do you know if they are running true to size?

  • admin

    Sonya – Go to to preorder the Black.

    Leigh – Return policy is the same as always: 60 days to return. $5 return shipping fee.

  • Anna

    How do i get these shoes in gold (size 8)? Please, please, pretty pleaseeee…Thank u :.)

  • Shea

    I need these in black … size 8…HELP…HOW?!?!

    Sincerely, shoe addict!

    • admin

      We will be getting more of the Michelle in Black, Nude, and Gold in the second or third week of August. Enter the size you want and your email at Don’t see your size and we will email you when they arrive.

  • Jennifer

    My email is – I would like the black and gold – size 8′s. PLEASE EMAIL ME!

  • Ashley

    do these come in a size 5??? i just need to know so I don’t get my hopes up if they arent even made that small!!! thanks!!!

  • admin

    Hi Ashley – We had in a couple cases with size 5, but they sold quickly. I do not think we will be getting anymore size 5 in the JC Michelle. Sorry :(

  • kristine

    is there any of these left?! i need a size 9.5 and 10!!! gold or black!

  • Alex

    Helo all, Does these come with a size 13 US or more? I have a large feet, I am young and would like to wear trendy high heel shoes like that too :-(
    I see in black is left in 14 size. Is it possible or I am stupid?

    • admin

      Alex – Sorry the size 14 was a mirage. Size 11 is the largest JC makes.

      Kristine – We will be getting in more of this shoe this week or next. Sign up on the waiting list here and we’ll let you know right when more come in.

  • gloria Duran

    I would like the gold or beige in size 8. : )

  • Maria

    Oh, dear, great shoes! Do they come in white too? PS: the gold version’s ruffles are white from the inside, looks a bit unfinished to me… pitty though, cos they’re the best!

  • admin

    Hi Maria – No, White is not made. Black Patent is now up on the site and also Pewter will be coming soon.

  • Jennifer

    I tried the 10, but it’s a bit too small :( Will you ever get these in 10.5 or 11 ? …Or are those of us with bigger feet just plain out of luck?

    • admin

      Yes, we will be getting all Jeffrey Campbell orders in sizes 5 & 11 moving forward!

  • Sonjana

    Also, is it true this shoe runs small? I usually wear a size 5 should I order a 5.5 or 6 instead? Will you be getting any of those sizes in?
    Thanks again! :)

    • admin

      Hi Sonjana – Yes, the JC Michelle runs about a half size small. If you are a size 5, we suggest ordering a size 5.5. We will be getting many more sizes & colors in this shoe very soon!

  • april

    Does anyone know anywhere else or the official Jeffrey Campbell company where I can order a size 10 Help!!

  • Maria

    Yay! They’re here! But what about the Pewter?? When do you expect these or don’t you anymore?

  • Minky

    Awaiting Pewter…. :)

  • Jess

    Just wondering, will you be getting any more size 9′s in black anytime soon? Thanks!

  • Sonjana

    I checked on your website but there are no size 5 or 5.5! I even signed up for a notification email when I left my first message on this forum but I didn’t get an email notification for your response or the shoes! :(
    Is there any way I can order them to get them for sure?

    Thank you!

    • admin

      Normally Jeffrey Campbell does not do casepacks with sizes 5 or 5.5, but we worked out a deal to get size 5′s & 11′s included with our orders. We should be getting in some size 5 in Black Leather in the Michelle next week. Call us at 800-494-1270 to check in.

  • Sonjana

    Is there anyway I can preorder a size 5 or size 5.5?

  • Meow

    You said it runs small, that goes for withd too? I have a very narrow foot, in this case maybe it’s true to size

  • Nichole

    Maria if you were still looking for a white pair JC Michelle, has them. I just bought white in a size 9. Now I have 3 pairs of theses shoes. They are just too cute!

  • tantec

    how can i get the shoses