Jeffrey Campbell—video 3 of 3. Mystery No More.

We have finally been delivered the final segment of the mysterious OH BOY Jeffrey Campbell video trilogy. Received via email in three random installments—the video follows a growing number of JC-GIRLS and one JC-GUY as they get all rescue mission on a dangling pair of glitter LITAS, which are stranded high in the Brooklyn sky. Seen below is the final segment—and giant unveil of JC’s newest capsule collection—all we can say is….”oh Boy!”

Jeffrey Campbell – OH BOY – Act III from FUTURE MACHINE on Vimeo.

That’s right, team JC has taken it there—and we couldn’t be happier. Shoes for BOYS who love SHOES, is a new capsule collection that is sure to turn heads, (and maybe a few ankles) featuring the LITA and several other JC signature styles in extended mens sizing! What does this mean? All you boys who have been cramming your hoof into the size 11 PIXIE, 99, LITA, CLINIC (just to name a few), now will have a select number of styles to choose from—in a very limited edition collection. Note, not all JC styles on our site will be produced in extended–but rather a handful of VIP styles will be gracing the solestruck site in mens sizes. What else does this mean—if you are one of our many size 12 lady shoppers who have been emailing us—you can now shop the LITA pain free–no longer having to hope that size 11 fits. We say JEFFREY CAMPBELL FOR ALL—SHOES FOR EVERYONE.

We will be offering these gems on the site—along with some other styles from the exclusive capsule collection. Stay tuned for updates—and a quick nod to team JC for bringing fierce shoes to all who want them, regardless of shoe size, gender, style or fashion mantra. Team JC, you bettah WORK!

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  • k6ps


  • http://Website Kenneth Alan

    It’s like a dream come true!

    (now when the shoes do go up on the site for sale… will they be in women’s sizes or men’s?) I want to make sure I get them asap as I imagine them selling quickly.

  • http://Website Brandy

    This is epic, it makes me want to weep! Can you say PROGRESSIVE?!

    • ty

      we love that shoes are just for everyone—come one come all!

  • http://Website R A Bee

    Fantastic. It’s about time. Forget about mens shoes or womens shoes. They are just shoes, and for those who love them, style transcends gender. I want those glitter monsters myself…

  • http://Website platform_boot_master

    I hope they that the larger she sizes are coming soon I want some ASAP as well!!!

    • ty

      We are working closely with the JC team on this launch. You know we will be keeping you posted and updated on all.


  • hhb

    I really like your styles and your forward thinking. Kudos to you :)

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