Jennifer Nettles admits weakness for shoes

Sugarland’s Jennifer Nettles is not only a diva in the music world; she’s also got a great sense of style. Stylelist interviewed this country diva about her fashion savvy and weakness for a pair of “killer heels.”

Stylelist: Shania Twain famously endured lots of criticism for baring her midriff back in the 90′s, but country stars nowadays are wearing couture – how have you embraced or rejected country music’s core fashion sense in your own style?

Jennifer: Well, country style definitely isn’t what it used to be, but I don’t think it’s been completely lost — I like to put a fresh, modern twist on vintage 60′s and 70′s styles, like pairing a ruffled shirt with dark jeans and a killer pair of heels.

Stylelist: Who are your style icons? Where do you get your fashion savvy from?

Jennifer shoesJennifer: Hmmm. I wouldn’t say I have specific style icons, although I do think Kate Hudson and Drew Barrymore have terrific style sense. In the music scene, I like to keep an eye on what other performers have worn over the years, and then develop my own fashion sense from touring and being on the road.

Stylelist: Style-wise, what are you willing to splurge on and what will you never spend a lot on? Do you have any weaknesses when it comes to style?

Jennifer: I love shoes. I’m always willing to spend a lot on them, but not out of control. Despite what some say … yes, people do look at your feet! I will never spend a lot on a bag. Most of the time my stuff is on the bus or in a hotel room so I don’t carry one that often. Shoes! That’s definitely my weakness when it comes to fashion. They’re the perfect accessory–even a simple outfit can be fabulous with a hot pair of shoes.

All quotes borrowed from Stylelist.



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