JoJo works the Senso Look.

JoJo was recently seen rocking the Senso Tiffany, which, of course, she picked up here at SOLESTRUCK. On her way to the Teen Choice Awards after party, she paired the buckle-up leather platform bootie with an electric blue cocktail number. JOJO was shutting it down for sure! The SENSO Tiffany is now available for sale on the SENSO page—this style has been popular and limited sizes and quantities are on hand.


  • Renabelle

    JoJo is totally awesome! The ways she dress is totally cool. I love her soo much.

  • Gumaro

    LOVE JOJO! She is the greatest thing in the world! Please relay the message that her fans are DIEING and in DESPERATE need of her music, her talent, her videos, her performances! Everything. The fans, music lovers and the world are ready to see JOJO everywhere. Let world domination begin! Please!

  • http://Website Leo

    She is soo Beautiful…I love her!!