Just bring me the peacock, already!

Peacock=My Fave!Jerell's Peacock DesignEvery once in a while, I’ll fill out a survey, or someone will ask me as an ice breaker, “What is your favorite animal?” I sort of cringe at the question, because I never know how to answer it.

Don’t get me wrong, animals are A-OK in my book (except my horrendous allergies), but why limit it to only one? Or any, for that matter. It’s not the same kind of pondering that I go through when someone asks me what band is my favorite. It’s more of the internal struggle that only comes about when you can’t decide, because you don’t really care.

You should know, I’m not a soulless person. I’m just not head-over-heels in love with animals.

That said, whenever I’ve been asked that question, I always come up with something totally crazy. When I was a kid, my favorite animal was (obviously) the dolphin.

Now? I mean, I love my kittens and our Maltipoo puppy, but dogs and cats can’t categorically be what I love most. Not horses. Not giraffes. Not hiphopopotamuses or rhymenocerouses. And not unicorns or ligers.

My favorite animal is far more magical than all of the aforementioned, combined. I…love like peacocks!

Don’t ask me why.

They’re kind of enchanting, though, really.

I mean, seriously.

Flapper Peacock HeadbandThey have feathers. That are…metallic-y. And multi-colored. And the birds make weird sounds. And are kind of all stuck-up and don’t let foo’s all up in their bizniss. Kind of like me…I suppose. (But this one time, my parents decided to get my cats a peacock-feather toy, and I got incredibly and irrationally jealous.)

In any case, I’ve been seeing that my lustrous friend has been making its way down the runway and into our wardrobes. Recently, Jerell’s design on season five of Project Runway featured a dress with a hem lined in peacock feathers and earrings to match. High fashion, no? It’s not the first time. Last season featured lots of peacock-inspired couture items with fanfare and colors. I believe it was Sweet P who made a literal translation, there.

Full Peacock HeadbandNow I’m seeing peacock motifs are good not only for dresses and the like, but also make fun accessories. Fancy yourself a flapper? Check out this cool-as-ice peacock-feather headband from Charm School Designs. It looks flowy and, well, feathery, and almost subtle! I love it, and am pondering ordering one to match my naturally raven hair. (Only problem is, can’t figure out for the life of me how the heck to wear headbands properly.) Or, if you’re game to walk a little more on the wild side, you can opt for a full on peacock on your head with this funky flapper headband.

But of course, if you’re going to be decked out in peacock, make sure it’s at least from head to…you know…toe.

Keds EleanorKenneth Cole Inner‘s got that taken care of with a few fun and gorgeous options for you fashionistas out there. If you’re all about frocks and fanciwear, take a look at the sexy Kenneth Cole Inner Space in the color, you guessed it, Peacock! Pumps not your style? That’s okay, too. The Keds Eleanor will keep you comfortable while simultaneously adding a little spunk to your wardrobe. Yes, those are little peacocks along the canvas upper.

So really, if you have a little or a lot…if you’re couture or casual…you really can’t go wrong with peacock-inspired looks.

I knew it was my favorite animal for a reason.


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