By now, you’re probably familiar with Gold Dot, but if you’re like me and you’ve somehow been under a fashion rock, then you’re just now finding out about their SS14 partner in crime – Malene Oddershede Bach. Apparently she’s major and was hand picked for (and awarded) Vauxhall Fashion Scout’s ‘Ones to Watch’ in 2012. Check out the behind the scenes vid from her collection photoshoot:

From an interview with Malene about the Gold Dot collab:

How did you learn about Gold Dot shoes? Tell us a short story behind the inception of the collaboration. I have personally always found buying shoes quite a difficult matter as I’ve struggled to find great shoes at an affordable price and as a result started shopping at, on which I came across one of Golddot’s more sculptural styles. I simply emailed them and and within days we had agreed on the collaboration. We have now worked together for 3 seasons and the Golddot team are the most amazing and understanding people to work with and the result has been mesmerising.

What was it like to do product development with a shoe brand that’s thousands of miles away from your place? It has been a really easy process to be honest. During the sampling we communicated almost on a daily basic via email and text messages. I send them the sketches and references and we develop the shoes accordingly. We create a first sample of each style and they fit them on a foot and test the balance and send me images, of which we then at times alter the design ever so slightly, if we haven’t got it right the first time. They are a very talented team and always strive to get the best result and therefore always suggest ways to improve the design.

The pieces you create are truly eclectic and visionary, as for the shoes, how did your audience find the shoe collaboration with Gold Dot? The SS14 shoes are very architectural and obviously quite an eye pleaser. They always created a lot of interest, when we exhibited them in our showrooms and people have been surprised how comfortable they are to wear. The shoes are always created to relate with the remaining accessories and the ready to wear collections in general, so they sit very naturally together with the rest of the collection.


Her clothing and aesthetic is full on like a garden party come to life and we can totally see why she teamed up with Gold Dot, who are known for crazy ass shoes that give mega height and are definitely what some would call ‘out there‘. Their SS14 collab reflects all of this in the best way possible. Typical Gold Dot styling with weird sculpted platforms and lux materials of suede and croc combos from Malene. And oh yeah, it’s not a million dollars! Shocker these days, I know.




The Tetra booties are the actualization of that stupid cliche saying of ‘you can wear them with anything!’, cause well, it’s true. You’re still wearing something that will make your mom cringe a little, but not enough to the point where she won’t be seen in public with you. She’ll just probably study how the f*ck you’re able to actually walk so well in them.





The Tetra Slingbacks are your summer version of the Tetra bootie, for obvious reasons – it’s a sandal, but still on that rad wooden base. The cut out on this version is so great, unless you have ‘winter heels’, in which case accept that it’s summer and treat yourself to a pedicure. This one’s a little dressier, too. Not sure how a cut out sanctions that, but it just does.

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