K.T.Z. Mens SS13

Wake up with a hangover,

ride to work looking (and smelling) like death,

and even before getting to a cup of coffee, my phone explodes.

“omigod Henry, did you see K.T.Z.?!”
“Those helmet hats WTF!”
“My testicles are exploding!!!!!!!!!”

OK, yes, I did see the amazing collection. And yes, my testicles might have exploded.

But moral of the story? It’s too early in the morning to witness amazingness like this.

K.T.Z. SS13 Men’s. Coming soon to SOLESTRUCK, bitches.

What the fuck? Those fucking pants? Is this real life?

I don’t care. I’m gonna get a nonfunctional helmet hat whether you like it or NOT.

Dem shoes. DEM SHOES.

I see S&M is still a good friend to K.T.Z.

Men in skirts. It’s kind of amazing.