SPRING IS HERE, and while all of our friends are texting, sexting and FBing us from Indio and it’s surrounding areas–we are stuck behind our desks—slinging the shoes girl. HOWEVER, ware are not letting this Coachella-less week get us down. (Althought today I did ROCK a Coachella inspired outfit!!)  We have the music on loud, the windows cracked, and our favorite sandals piled on our desk. To celebrate Spring—we thought we would toss a little love your way as well. The next 500 Solestruck purchases from STOCK (no presale sorry!) will get a DESIGNER SOLESTRUCK SPRING BREAK BEER KOOZIE! Keep it chilled this summer while you are looking hot. Let your favorite ice beer remain frigid–while effortlessly letting everyone know that you go hard!

There are two versions, tactfully created in 100% black and white to let you accessorize your beverage as you see fit—we are keeping it classy yo! Each shipment will get one koozie, while supplies last. Koozie chosen at random and will go out in each box at random until they are gone. We love you guys—hope this brings some cheer to your day and some beer to your tomorrow!