0. Boxers, Briefs,Thongs or “I’m too classy to answer?”
Briefs. I hate boxers.

1. Have you always wanted to be a fashion editor or was it something presented to you?

Yes I really did. Even when I was in elementary school I would go to the public library and spend hours reading fashion magazines. It was like a drug looking at all of the beautiful clothes, trends, accessories, models. I remember I was like 7 and I ripped out a Chanel ad from W- I think claudia schiffer was in the ad and I hung it on my bulletin board. I was like something like 1st grade and just blown away by Chanel.

2. How often do you update your wardrobe?

These days I only buy things I reallly love and that im willing and committed to wearing like 50 times. I never buy anything that I think I will ‘probably’ wear ‘someday’. I used to do that a lot. Now never. I buy just like 10 things per season and ad them in to my collection and wear them all the time. These days im pretty much only buying Balmain and Givenchy. Givenchy is my newest obsession. The collection since this FW season came out is the best ever for mens.

3. Do you tend to gravitate toward prints/patterns or Monochromatic (solid colors) when dressing yourself for the day?

for me I wear mostly black. I don’t really like anything with patterns. It never looks good on me. Sometimes I mix it with camouflage or something military or military green.

4.What do you think next seasons ( Fall 2011 ) “Must Haves” are?

Givenchy. Anything with the Rottweilers on them. Black fur. For girls blk fur bag, blk fur coat, blk leather boots w/ lots of straps and laces and blk fur trim.
The alexander wang clutch w/ two mini tails on it…Black fringe boots from isabel marant, black thigh high laser cut boots from Tom Ford…a mix of blk textures from givenchy womens..sheer skirts..patent minis over them…blk cashmere cropped sweater. Blk biker coat w/ blk fox fur trim from alexander wang. Burberry prorsum blk leather aviators coat w/ blk shearling trim. Im all about the mix of blk textures right now.

5.What fashion house would you say has or will have the best accessories this upcoming Fashion Week ( Spring 2012) and why?

Givenchy and Alexander Wang. I love their bags. I want everything. I love black I love sexy, I love edgy, I love rich I love the whole look.

givenchy cat cap
Givenchy Cat Cap

6.What key pieces will your be wearing this Fashion Week?

Balmain tshirts, my rolex (always), Givenchy Rottweiler clothes, Black leather pants from versace and burberry,

7.What shoes took this year by storm?
for me and for many of our stylists it was the boudoir slipper. A high heeled sandal with fur. We same them from a lot of people. Gianvito rossi, alexander wang, manolo, Louboutin, YSL. It was like the street version of the classic sexy boudoir slipper.

alexander wang slipper

Alexander Wang Slipper


Printed Givenchy scarf.

Whats better than black textures? Alexander Wang, whom is one of the leading designers of our day, consistently puts together amazing chic dark collections time after time. The house of Givenchy has really out-done themselves with their Fall 2011 collection; hosting collages of rottweilers and black panthers printed on both tops and bottoms. The rottweiler tee being one the most popular pieces from the collection is sure to be the shirt of NYFW.