D&K love the Vans Classic

Normally I make it a point not to wear the same clothes or accessories as my friends, at least not on the same day, but yesterday we made an exception.

I’ve had my eye on the Vans Classic Slip-On shoe for a few months now.  I love the look and with a current sale price of just $34.95, it’s nigh irresistible! The only thing holding me back was having to choose a color … Solestruck stocks more than 65.  More than one had caught my eye over the months, but none stole my heart until the Geisha Girl in Dark Earth Sterling Blue (Eth Blue).

Danielle and I both fell almost immediately for its pale cerulean base with a profile silhouetted in chocolate brown  (although we also adore her Black/Red/Gold twin sister).  Seriously, we both had our wallets out and our screens headed for the checkout page as soon as we saw this lovely lady was available on the site that morning.

And yes, of course, we couldn’t resist taking that photo. :)

– Katie

  • Terry

    I can see why you had to pull the trigger on those! The multi-color poka dot
    version of those shoes caught my eye! I’ll bet they are as comfortable as they

    Thanks for the Pick!