It was an unusually warm October Morning in Paris. I left my rented apartment, locking the door with a strange set of  keys. I stopped momentarily, pulling together my supplies and look for the day, heading off to an address I had scribbled on a small paper. I grabbed a coffee and stumbled down a long and tiny street, my head a bit groggy from a long night on the town. The clock ticked and the minutes raced by with rapid speed—I was now 30 minutes late for my first meeting with Georgina Solomon, the muse, voice, eye and powerhouse stylista behind Australian based LASSKAA. When I finally made the appointment, a few botched trains later, it was as if I was meeting an old friend. We pow-wowed, took over several tables with our discussions and work, like two old friends dishing on Paris, Australia, on her living in Bali, Shoes and life lessons. We had been emailing for 6 months at this point–and I finally had the chance to lay my eyes on the inspirations and production samples of LASSKAA, a brand we are honored to launch in January 2012. (Coming soon yo!)

To let you in on a little more about Georgina and her line—we are going to post a “Meet Our Muse” interview with her, as well as invite her to do a small run as a VIP guest blogger spots here on the site. However, before we unleash you on our newest obsession from Down Under, and you KNOW we love an Australian lady around here—we wanted to get you revvvvvvved up with some eye candy from her blog and her site. Here’s a little taste of what’s to come, what inspires her, and what drives the direction from the insanely genius line LASSKAA. More dish on her comin’ soon.


[Drawing inspiration for her line---and her life her blog is full of visual eye candy]

[Solomon, far right.]

[A shot from an earlier lookbook]

Stay tuned for a full interview as well as some blog posts from the designer herself. It is with great anticipation we bring you to you,